Antilla Shipwreck tour

  • Boca Catalina beach
  • Tres Trapi
  • Malmok
  • rock formation at Malmok
  • Turtles
  • Antilla Shipwreck
  • Snorkeling area (small reef)

2hour 30 min(water 1hour 30 min)

We start our tour at the Boca Catalina beach. From there we will take you to the Tres Trapi beach and Malmok, to see the amazing rock formations. We will then continue to reach the turtles nest. Yes, that is correct you can see the turtles in their natural habitat. Then we will continue to the highlight of your tour, the Antilla shipwreck, so you can enjoy the amazing marine life at one of Aruba`s most famous spots. From the shipwreck, we will go to the last stop of our tour, which is the small reef and Boca Catalina beach.

Seabob Family Fun with Turtles tour

  • Boca Catalina beach
  • Malmok
  • Rock formation
  • 3 trapi (fun, jumping)
  • Turtles area
  • Small reef

2h (water time 1 hour-1 hour 10min)

On this fun tour we start from the Boca Catalina beach, continue to the Malmok and beautiful rock formations. From there we will continue to a fun area which is Tres Trapi. At Tres Trapi you can climb on the rocks and jump in the bluest turquoise waters of Aruba. From there we will take you on the highlight of your tour TURTLES!! Yes, that is correct you can see and swim with the turtles. Our last stop will be at the small reef where you can swim with all kinds of coral fishes.

This tour is the best type of tour for a family with children or if you want to stay closer to shore. The kids will have an amazing and safe tour while experiencing the best water adventure tour on the island.

Turtles & Seabob Aruba


1hour 30 min (water time 45min)

If you do not have lots of time but you really want to experience the Seabob Aruba, we do offer special short tours. We will take you out to see the beautiful marine life. This tour is perfect to see the Malmok area, beautiful rock formations, amazing marine life, and the beautiful turtles.

Mangel Halto


3 hours (water time 1h 30min)

Our Mangel Halto tour is a special tour. On this part of the island, you can see a marine life that you cannot see on any other part of the Island.  The beauty of the Mangel Halto reef is a sight to experience and we want to take you there. You can choose the morning tour or the afternoon tour.


Please contact us for private tours.

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